QUESTION: Can my non-use of a helmet be used against me to reduce my claim?

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ANSWER: The answer, for now, remains no, it should not be introduced into evidence as proof of comparative negligence, assumption of risk, or failure to mitigate damages.
The Colorado Court of Appeals recently re-affirmed prior rulings that non-use of a helmet was irrelevant evidence and cannot be used to prove fault or failure to lessen damages. In so doing however, the Court made it clear that a savvy insurance defense attorney may be able to present another argument that will change this ruling. The result could be that not wearing a helmet becomes similar to not wearing a seat belt in an auto accident case.
The seat belt law states that certain persons are required to wear a seat belt. If a person required to wear a seat belt is injured in a car accident while not wearing a seat belt, then the at-fault person can argue that the injuries were made worse by the failure to wear the seat belt. The law does not require that credible expert medical or engineering evidence be used to explain how the non-use of a seat belt caused injuries or made other injuries worse. The lawyers are allowed to argue the point in their closing arguments without the need for expert testimony. This gives a jury an opportunity to not award compensation for something that had nothing to do with who caused the accident.
Thus, in a future case, which may be your case, evidence of not wearing a helmet could be presented to the jury along with an argument that injuries, damages and losses are due to not wearing a helmet. The jury could then determine that some or all of your injuries, or your lost wages, are your fault without having heard any scientific or medical evidence. Your lawyer will need to be prepared to battle this new attack on motorcyclists.

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